Cássio Telles Ferreira Netto and Ana Claude Pastore were the founders of CAESP – Arbitration Board of the State of São Paulo, in 1998. Both graduated from FMU – Faculdades Metropolitanas Unidas in 1989, and they already worked together as associates in a law firm in the area of Business Law.

They have always believed and fought for amicable ways to resolve disputes. Soon after the enactment of the Arbitration Law, in 1996, they understood that there would be an endless source of individuals and companies eager for the possibility of using alternative solutions to the Judiciary Branch, to resolve conflicts in different areas.

With great determination and a certain amount of idealism, they undertook the difficult task of making the use of Alternative Methods for Conflict Resolution a reality.

This is how they decided to establish the chamber, which has been active since then.

Mestre Carlos Ferreira Netto

Mestre Carlos Ferreira Netto

However, they were not alone when they started such a complex journey. Very well accompanied by Professor Teacher Selma Lemes and Professor Carlos Alberto Carmona, co-authors of Law 9.307/96, who until today are members of CAESP’s Steering Board, they developed the initial structure of the chamber, its Rules of Procedure, the Code of Ethics, as well as other directives necessary for the good progress of arbitration procedures.

Besides them, the support of master Carlos Ferreira Netto was of utmost importance, since he believed, invested and collaborated so as to enable the creation of the chamber.

Until the present day, always supported by the most outstanding experts in the field, CAESP develops a work of excellency under the leadership of its founders.

Cássio Telles Ferreira Netto


Ana Claudia Pastore